• 737 Lakeview Ave, Lowell, MA 01850
  • 1-855-WHAMSCAFE

How it all begun

Our History

Decades Ago

23 years ago, a bouncing baby girl came into this world. She motivated her Mum to want to spend all her waking hours doting on her. Since mom was always in the kitchen whipping up a thing or two to feed one, or plenty early Saturday mornings…Wham’s Cafe was born…”Wham’s” is a play on the little girl’s name “Wambui” (which means Singer or poetically “of song” in Kikuyu). It became a reality in April 1995 at 1454 Danforth Ave, Toronto, Canada🇨🇦 and soon became a sensation within the Kenyans. In fact was known to the African-Canadian community and Torontonian’s in the Greater Toronto Area, with grand catering gigs for the Toronto Film Festival and U of T among many others. Wham’s is a place of art and love that allows for a full time mommy, Chef “girl-ar-dee” deliciousness and is kid friendly…just like kiosks back home, it’s a family affair where everyone is treated like family and feels at home…


Many ugalis, sukuma wikis, kitoweos, mukimos, samosas, na kadhalika (and please order the latter only on Sundays 😂) were prepared and consumed slurpingly in this cove that was located at 1454 Danforth Ave, Toronto Ontario 🇨🇦


Fast forward…December 2013, Wham’s Cafe, Lowell MA launched, the inspiration still the same, that little girl? not so little anymore..and is taking on the reins, and can now actually mean it when she says “Karibu Wham’s Cafe, how may I serve you”…yes, here at 737 Lakeview Ave in Lowell, MA…the slurping continues… We pride ourselves with providing Excellent Coffee, Delicious FRESH food not fast “food”, Cool Vibes. A chilled-out spot, a place to slow life down a bit, a stress-free, negativity free loving space. All to promote your well being. If in a hurry, call ahead and place your order as the minimum wait is 10 minutes. We also have a Pick-Up Window on Aiken Ave for your convenience. Whams accepts all major credit cards, $cashapp and exact change. We are inviting those with a passion and love for Kenyan Food to come and enjoy a visit with us. 737 Lakeview Ave, Lowell MA 01850