• 737 Lakeview Ave, Lowell, MA 01850
  • 1-855-WHAMSCAFE

Who we are

Our Story

Wham’s Cafe specializes in authentic Kenyan breakfast and lunch while also building community with our customers. Our Cafe serves excellent Kenyan coffee, delicious Kenyan food and cool Kenyan vibes. The food is inexpensive but healthy and wholesome, a combination that appeals to our community, nearby college students as much as it does the neighborhood locals.

The cafe feels as much like a community center more than an eatery. The pleasant conversations we have with our customers over the counter keeps us updated on what is happening in their lives and the community. Families with kids are welcome at Wham’s, a corner of the cafe is set aside as a play area, with games and toys provided.

Kenyan Cafe – In Kenya, there are street-side Vibandas(Kiosks) that serve all day, freshly made Kenyan AA Kahawa(Coffee), Kenyan Spiced Chai(Tea), Mandazi(Sweet Bun), Samosa(Beef pastry), Bhajia(Potato Fritters), Bandika(Buttered Bread), Kenyan Sausages and Pancakes…At Wham’s Cafe we bring out these authentic Kenyan flavors at 737 Lakeview Ave in Lowell, MA. Our Chicken, Beef, Goat and Fish Stews are made with premium fresh ingredients, specific to each day to ensure freshness and served with Wali(Coconut Rice), Chapati(Flat Bread), Mukimo(Peas, Corn and Potato Hash) or Ugali(White Cornmeal Polenta.)

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